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Welcome to ALANA

Advancing quality anesthesia care, serving our members, and promoting the nurse anesthesia profession



Welcome to the website of the Alabama Association of Nurse Anesthetists (ALANA). ALANA is the professional organization that represents our state’s nurse anesthetists and student nurse anesthetists. Our organization’s expertise ranges from governmental practice issues, workplace issues, continuing education, public relations, patient advocacy, and other matters related to the promotion of the nurse anesthesia profession. This website is developed and maintained to keep the members and friends of ALANA informed on issues and opportunities of importance in our rapidly changing health care environment.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to advance quality anesthesia care, serve our members, promote the nurse anesthesia profession.


Our Vision  is to be recognized leaders in anesthesia care, who:

  • are known for their commitment to patient safety

  • practice at the fullest extent of their scope of practice

  • have 100% of Alabama CRNAs as members

  • are fully reimbursed for their services

A Letter From Our President

Welcome to the ALANA. I would first like to recognize the tremendous, contributions Alabama CRNA’s have made and continue to make during the COVID-19 pandemic. Your dedication, bravery, and resilient sprit have shined throughout these uncertain times. From our largest urban hospitals to our most rural practices, CRNA’s have been there, directly on the front lines, caring for patients. Your unique skill sets have not gone unnoticed. Your education and training have prepared you for any challenge. CRNAs in Alabama continue to meet the needs of Alabama’s most vulnerable populations.


Your membership is appreciated. I ask that you check this website often to stay up to date on the latest news affecting your profession. Links to urgent matters and important issues will be posted in the information tab for members, on the opening page. Contact information for your Board of Directors is located in the drop down menu along with useful information about your state association meetings. Registration and payment for meetings can be completed online for your convenience. We currently offer great rates to early registers, so please check back with us often.

Get involved. Protect your practice. Your ALA-CRNA PAC tab was added for special events, recurrent donations, and one-time donations. We ask that you remember your commitment to PAC any time your credit card information is changed. This is one way to help make sure your voice is heard. If you are not a member, we ask you to consider joining us. On this website there is a link to the AANA website where you can begin supporting the association that works so hard to represent CRNAs. Just remember, all of your important ALANA information is just a click away, whether you are on your PC or mobile device.

Most importantly, to our patients, we have added an area just for you! Hopefully you will find our site resourceful with information to better help you understand anesthesia and how CRNA’s care for you each and every day. There is even a place where you can ask an anesthesia professional a question!


To our students or those interested in a career as a nurse anesthetist, we have added an area for you too. Hopefully, you will find the answers to many of your questions about your career as a CRNA. This includes current educational requirements. You are the future of our profession and we will do our best to help you in any way we can.

As your President of the ALANA for the 2020 – 2021 term, it is my pleasure to welcome you to the AlabamaCRNA.org website. If I, or your great Board of Directors, can be of assistance to you, do not hesitate to call or email us. We are here to serve you!

Willie Furr DNP, CRNA


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